About MHPL

MHPL have a perfect blend of entrepreneur and technocrat. MHPL have strong technical team who are very experienced and professional.

MHPL have well experienced and dedicated teams who deeply envision and strengthen our company. We strongly believe that to buy a house remains to be one of the main aspirations of any person.

MHPL will strongly support to achieve the goal of “Housing For All” by implementing highly innovative, modern and world best patented Light Gauge Steel Frame Fast-Track construction method.

MHPL has an excellent operational efficiencies, stable and committed executions.


  • The vision of MHPL is to not only provide affordable lowcost housing for people of India, but also to support Government of India in developing a culture of sustainable eco-housing integrated with all natural resources.
  • MHPL is planning to achieve the goal of "Housing For All" by implementing highly innovative, patented, trademark materials and technologies using copy-right protected content.
  • MHPL's vision is to build Sustainable, Affordable & Eco-Friendly Housing using revolutionary building capabilities with renewable energy and recycling system in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • MHPL's vision is to provide huge employment, low-carbon emission, space saving technology, sustainable building material and also supply electricity through solar energy.


  • MHPL is trying to achieve the Honorable Prime Minister's vision of providing affordable eco-houses with special consideration for environmental friendly solution.
  • MHPL's main mission is to offer solution by providing affordable, sustainable & eco friendly housing for the rising population and raise the standard of living of people through this initiative.
  • Through our continuous efforts we thrive to eradicate these situations by providing better solutions from the core.
  • We will provide low-cost housing solution with unique features which includes providing Solar Roof-Top, Community Bio-toilets, Waste Management System and Water Recycling System.
  • Quality and Affordable Housing is the key element to building a strong and secure society.
  • The Government of India took a massive step towards ensuring that people of India can get housing which integrates environmental solution with natural resources and self-sustainable facilities within their financial capabilities.
Affordable, Sustainable & Eco Friendly Housing Concept Note