Low Cost Eco Friendly &
Affordable Housing

By Cold Formed Light Gauge Steel Frame
Fast-Track Construction Technology

MHPL have a perfect blend of entrepreneur and technocrat. MHPL have strong technical team who are very experienced and professional.

MHPL have well experienced and dedicated teams who deeply envision and strengthen our company. We strongly believe that to buy a house remains to be one of the main aspirations of any person.

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Representative Company in India

Mitsumi Distribution FZCO is represented by Mitsumi Housing Private Limited in India which is 100% subsidiary company of Mitsumi Distribution FZCO (Dubai. UAE)

Mitsumi Housing Private Limited

CIN No: U45209GJ2018PTC101256
Date & Year of Establishment: 13th March 2018
Type of Org: Private Limited

Cold Formed Light Gauge Steel Frame Fast-Track Construction Technology

Cold Formed Steel Construction is an advanced precise system using the latest technology. It provides a building system with the key competitive advantages of speed maximisation and waste minimisation. For the construction of a building, the Light Gauge Steel Frames (LGSF) could be manufactured in a factory and assembled in to LGSF structures and then transported to the construction site and then erected wall by wall on a pre-built concrete floor as per the floor plan of the building. Based upon the selection of the steel frame and its parameters; by using these methods we can construct buildings from Ground Floor up to G + 14. These methods can be effectively used to create Single Storied or Multi Storied buildings as per the requirement.

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Benefits of LGSF

Faster time to manufacture steel frames on-site or off-site ...

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Advantages of LGSF

Fast, Durable, Safe, Strong, Design-LED, Precise, Versatile ...

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Features of LGSF

Huge Employment Generation, Adaptable and flexible design ...

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Affordable, Sustainable & Eco Friendly Housing Concept Note